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Google Plus (+) Icon Set PNG (dpp)


Ideal for use on any web project, a bundle package of Google Plus (+) Icons in PNG file format. Download includes various size icons (512×512, 256×256, 64×64, 48×48, 32×32 and 16×16) and comes in 2 styles one with a ‘G’ and the other with a big ‘plus’ sign, like the Google+ favicon.

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Free Calendar Icon (dpp)

Calendar Icon

Here’s a great little Calendar Icon for use in your web projects. Use it to display up coming events or as a neat addition to a booking form. The download comes in DrawPlus X4 file format.

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Free Sign In Buttons

Button

Today’s freebie – Social network sign-in options are become more common on websites, so here’s your very own Facebook and Twitter sign-in buttons free to use on anything you like!

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Audio Player Skin (dpp)

Free Audio Player Skin

The freebie of today is a beautiful audio player skin – customise it to match your site colours and you’re away! Of course, this is pretty useless without a player to make things happen, stay tuned I’m working on getting this baby rockin! Read more…

Free Pink Badge (dpp)

Free Pink Badge

Today’s freebie is a pretty little badge in pink! Who could ask for more? Use it to show off that you’re rich enough to reduce the price of things you sell! Read more…

How to Create an Apple Time Capsule in Serif DrawPlus

Create an Apple Time Capsule

This tutorial will take us through the steps of building our own Apple Time Capsule replica in DrawPlus X4. We’ll use the perspective tool and a range of gradient fills to give our capsule depth and a luscious shine. Read more…

Free Wraparounds (dpp)

Free Wraparounds

These free little wraparound beauts are ideal for websites, labelling images or pricing products. The download comes with a DrawPlus X4 file ready for you to customise with your own colours and text. Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the download below!

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Creating Letterpress Text in DrawPlus

Creating Letterpress Effect

Letterpress is the name given to typography that looks as though it’s stamped or embossed in to its surroundings. It’ s popular in both print and web design and works well in headings and titles. Read more…

Free Download Button (dpp)

Free Download Button


To kick off the DrawPlus freebies I’ve knocked up this chunky 3D download button for use in your web projects or anything else you fancy. Enjoy!

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Creating a Subdirectory for Website Testing

Creating a Subdirectory

If you’re creating a new website it’s often worthwhile uploading your site to a server somewhere online so you can visit it ‘live’ and check the layout is as intended, or if you’re dealing with clients, you may want to show them what you’ve created so far so they can approve it. Read more…