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WebPlus X6 Software Review – Part 2


Part 2

Part 1 can be found here

Quick Build tab

We said WebPlus is now easier than ever and this is one great reason why – with the new Quick Build studio tab, drag and drop site building simplicity has been expanded to include social networking widgets, YouTube videos, rollovers, blogs, forums, form objects and lots more!

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WebPlus X6 Software Review – Part 1


After much anticipation, WebPlus X6 is finally here! The question often comes up: “should I upgrade from a previous version of WebPlus?”

Below, I hope to provide you with a comprehensive, honest, and unbiased review on the new features and enhancements for those who would like to know what has changed in the latest version and are considering whether or not to upgrade. In addition, it might help you get a quick start with WebPlus if you are waiting for WebPlus to finish downloading or arrive at your doorstep.

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Google Web Fonts in Serif WebPlus

Google Web Fonts

It’s most likely, at some point, you’ve been designing a website and found yourself looking at the huge choice of  non-websafe fonts in the font selection dropdown in WebPlus, wishing that you could use one of them to give your site some modern typographic awesomeness that all the cool kids are using. Yeah, you can use them, but who’s to say your users are going to have that font installed on their computer, if they don’t, their browser will substitute it for something like Verdana and the layout will look like its been designed by a toilet graffiti artist. You could always convert the text to a graphic, but that’s no good for Search Engines or load times for that matter.

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Creating a Subdirectory for Website Testing

Creating a Subdirectory

If you’re creating a new website it’s often worthwhile uploading your site to a server somewhere online so you can visit it ‘live’ and check the layout is as intended, or if you’re dealing with clients, you may want to show them what you’ve created so far so they can approve it. Read more…

Adding Borders to Images

Image Borders

When designing a website it’s normal to use images throughout its pages to add interest and help get your message across. Photos placed directly on a page can look plain and a bit out of place without a border, but what are the options for adding one in Serif WebPlus? Read more…