Repeatable Patterns with DrawPlus


This tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a neat little image that can be used for website backgrounds or anything else that requires a pattern to be repeated. Our main focus will be on precision so we’ll be looking at the Transform tab to perform most of the actions.

Start a new document in DrawPlus and set the page dimensions to 44 X 48, next draw a Quickshape rectangle the same size as the page and colour it (#1A1A1A)

Draw a Quick Polygon and set it’s dimensions in the Transform Tab to 20 X 20, then again in the Transform tab select the Anchor Centre node and set the placement of the object to X=0 and Y=0. This places the centre of the Polygon on the top left of the page.

Now with the Polygon selected click on the Node Tool which will present you with 2 sliders, the top slider controls how many sides the polygon has, slide it up to 6 sides. We now want to rotate it slightly so go down to the Transform tab – this can be done with the other slider to the right of the object, but the transform tab can manage the amount more accurately – Set the rotation angle to 30°

Colour the Hexagon (yep, we’re going to call it a hexagon as it’s got 6 sides) slightly darker than the background (#151515) and click the Filter Effects button.

Check the Drop Shadow check box > Set the Opacity to 6 > Blur 0 > Colour ‘White’ > Distance 0.5 > Angle 90°

Next select the Innershadow check box > Set the Opacity to 100 > Blur 3 > Colour ‘Black’ > Distance 1 > Angle 90°

We’ve now given the hexagon some depth, all that is left is to repeat this shape accurately so it repeats seamlessly. Copy and paste the hexagon and in the transform tab move it down 24 pixels by entering 24 in the Y axis window, copy and paste this shape and move it down 24 pixels by setting the Y axis to 48. You should now have something that looks like this.

Copy the 3 Hexagons and move them to the right by entering 44 in the X axis window in the Transform tab.

Highlight 2 hexagons and copy and paste, then place them in the centre of the rectangle by setting the X axis to 22 and the Y to 24.

That’s it – all that is required is to export the rectangle background, making sure to check the button that exports the selected area rather than just the rectangle on its own. I’ve unchecked the Super Sample box as the quality looks better without it, it’s also up to you what format you export the image in – in this example PNG proves to be the smallest file size which is important if you’re using the image on the web.

I’ve included a download which contains the example above plus a few other bonus images which you’re free to use in your projects.

Download the DrawPlus X5 files and images

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Neil Judges enjoys creating, experimenting and sharing new techniques he discovers. Neil especially loves Serif Software and is on a mission to spread the word of this highly capable and inexpensive design suite. As well as this website he also runs Serif Addons and Serif Templates.

5 Replies to Repeatable Patterns with DrawPlus

  1. Brian says:

    Stunning work Neil, and I suspect this one will be a hit.

    • Neil says:

      Thanks Brian, a lot have been asking for something like this so hopefully it will come in handy :)

  2. Kevin Esther says:

    Nice effect. Away to experiment with my own patterns. thanks

  3. Joni Solis says:

    Dear Neil, Nice designs. Is there anyway to save the pattern in DrawPlus to add to other quick shapes of different sizes?

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