Free Wraparounds (dpp)

Free Wraparounds

These free little wraparound beauts are ideal for websites, labelling images or pricing products. The download comes with a DrawPlus X4 file ready for you to customise with your own colours and text. Well, what are you waiting for? Hit the download below!

Download the DrawPlus X4 file

fold-left fold-right
About the author
Neil Judges enjoys creating, experimenting and sharing new techniques he discovers. Neil especially loves Serif Software and is on a mission to spread the word of this highly capable and inexpensive design suite. As well as this website he also runs Serif Addons and Serif Templates.

6 Replies to Free Wraparounds (dpp)

  1. Kevin Esther says:

    Thanks the these will come in very handy. Can’t wait for more post. thanks again Kev

  2. Arun says:

    Thank you Neil for this :)

  3. jeffM says:

    Are there no bounds to your talents Neil LOL

    See you in the addons :)

  4. swiftthing says:

    hi i have a very newbie question how can i use this addon? im new in using webplus wondering how can i apply this to my website? any help pls?

    • Neil says:

      Hi, you’ll need DrawPlus to open the file, after that you can export it as an image to use in WebPlus ;)

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