Vector iPhone 4 (dpp)


With the growing popularity of mobile devices, there’s no doubt at some point you will need a scalable picture of an iPhone, well look no further.

Download the DrawPlus X5 File

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Neil Judges enjoys creating, experimenting and sharing new techniques he discovers. Neil especially loves Serif Software and is on a mission to spread the word of this highly capable and inexpensive design suite. As well as this website he also runs Serif Addons and Serif Templates.

3 Replies to Vector iPhone 4 (dpp)

  1. Simo Harper says:

    You never cease to amaze Neil…I crafted a similar scalable drawing of an iPad, but it’s not a touch on this iPhone. Thank you for another excellent & useful freebie!!

  2. Dennis Musson says:

    Thanks Neil,
    You are truly gifted in your use of DrawPlus X5. Thanks for sharing.

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