Creating a Subdirectory for Website Testing

Creating a Subdirectory

If you’re creating a new website it’s often worthwhile uploading your site to a server somewhere online so you can visit it ‘live’ and check the layout is as intended, or if you’re dealing with clients, you may want to show them what you’ve created so far so they can approve it.

This short tutorial will take you through the steps of creating a subdirectory, often referred to as a subdomain, that will look like this: (the ‘subdirectory’ part can be anything you like, most often I see ‘test’ used)

I’m going to assume you’ve already uploaded a website with WebPlus to your main domain and the FTP details are already stored in the FTP Accounts.

Open the site you plan to publish to your newly created subdirectory and in the WebPlus workspace select ‘File’ > Publish Site > Publish to Web (Ctrl + F5)

This will bring up the Publish to Web window. In the drop-down select the account for the main domain you’re using then click on ‘Accounts’. In the new pop-up select ‘Copy’ this will now bring up a copy of the account details.

Change the Account Name to something relevant such as ‘My Domain Test Area’

Next, where it reads ‘Folder’ leave in the part that reads something like ‘publish_html’ or ‘httpdocs’ and add a forward slash after it, then add the name you want the subdomain to be, for example ‘test’

It should look something like this:

Click on ‘Okay’ then ‘Update Account’

That’s the FTP account set up, all is left to do is upload the site to the server. The first time you upload WebPlus will pop up an FTP Error, fear not, this is because it cannot find the new directory on your server, simply select ‘Create Directory’ and WebPlus will create a file on your server that will contain the sites HTML files.

Visit your newly created domain online, your site should be live!

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About the author
Neil Judges enjoys creating, experimenting and sharing new techniques he discovers. Neil especially loves Serif Software and is on a mission to spread the word of this highly capable and inexpensive design suite. As well as this website he also runs Serif Addons and Serif Templates.

14 Replies to Creating a Subdirectory for Website Testing

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Neil,

    I have a question, I used this tutorial and it works great! My question is, how do I pull down the sub-directory once a client wants to put the site I have created on their own domain?


  2. Neil says:

    Hi Michael,

    The easiest and cleanest way to do it would be to use either an ftp program such as Filezilla or your hosts cPanel to login to your server and delete the subdirectory file.

    Hope this helps :)

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks, I will give that a shot!


  4. How to make our image on a sub domain with WebPlus X6?

    Thanks for your attention.

    Best Regard’s


    • Neil says:

      Hi Danny,

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve, can you provide more information please :)

  5. Thomas says:

    One really useful way to use these “subdomains” is to create multiple language web sites.. You can then link them with each other.

  6. Mina says:

    Here’s a question for you Neil – thanks for the tutorial however in my info the folder box is actually blank…I have already uploaded my website in part because I didn’t know about the subdomain! Its there and functions so am confused as to why my folder box would be empty. Any ideas?

    • Neil says:

      Hi Mina,

      It all depends on your host, if they don’t have a ‘publish_html’ or ‘httpdocs’ folder then that’s fine just add your subdirectory folder name in that field.

      If there’s anything else just let me know :)

      • Mina says:

        that worked perfectly Neil thank you! It’s Serif that host my account so that’s why I was surprised the folder was empty, but its up now so hurrah! I wish I’d discovered your site a few years ago when I was building another site…..I’ve been trying to use google web fonts as well but wasn’t quite sure what I was doing was right – but have just seen your post on that – thank you for all of these tutorials – brilliant work! Mina

  7. James Watkin says:

    Hi Neil. I had to use your tutorial here as something was going wrong when I was uploading your floating form add on using Filezilla. Swapping this to the Serif WP own ftp programme did the trick. I’m not sure what was happening with Filezilla but all is working now.
    Now all I need to learn is how to change the contact us button but that’s for another day.

    • Neil says:

      Hi James,

      I barely use FileZilla for site uploads, I find WebPlus’ built in uploader is great for the job.

      Customising the button is very easy as it is all made directly in WebPlus ;)


  8. Richard says:

    Hi Neil,

    Just recently purchased your Facebook business template, I’m really impressed!

    My question is – will the template work as my main website on the internet as well as just using it as my Facebook business site
    in other words so booth sites just look the same?

    Regards Richard

    • Neil says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for buying :)

      Yes, absolutely! The template is a standard functioning site so can be used as your main site as well as your Facebook site.

      Hope that helps

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